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Izvestiya NTC Edinoj energeticheskoj sistemi №66, 2012


Content and abstracts
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Asanbaev Y. A.
Instantaneous Energy and Power in Nonsinusoidal conditions


Erohin P. M., Neuymin V. G., Aleksandrov A. S., Maksimenko D. M.
Modeling FACTS devices for power flow and optimal power flow studies


Berdin A. S., Kovalenko P. Y., Plesniaev E. A.
Identification of equivalent circuit parameters based on phasor measurements


Erohin P. M., Neuymin V. G., Shubin N. G., Maksimenko D. M.
The use of optimization methods interior point for the state estimation power system


Kozlov A. V.
Considerartion of differential bus protections dead band in the course of transients simulation


Sorokin D. V.
Identifying «bottlenecks» in the existing and future power system schemes on the basis of application of modal analysis


Romanov I. S.
The use of thyristor controlled switched capacitor for improving transient stability and quality of post-fault power oscillations damping


Sorokin D. V., Ryndina I. E.
Enhancing the efficiency of static var compensators in power systems based on its control system settings optimization


Wishtibeev А. V., Gluschenko E. A., Guzeev A. V., Zhigalov E. S.
Features of lines relay protection for active-adaptive networks on the example of the system of series capacitance


Kapitula Y. V.
Development of non-uniform HVDC line protection algorithm using the wave method


Kapitula Y. V.
The development and research of cable-air line HVDC differential protection algorithm


Bondarenko A. S., Leonov N. V., Repin A. V., Selivanov R. S., Shershnev A. Y.
Methods of High Voltage Containerized Converters Testing


Novikova A. N., Shmarago O. V., Danilevskiy S. S.
Lightning protection of extra high-voltage overhead lines in areas of high ice load


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