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Izvestiya NTC Edinoj energeticheskoj sistemi №67, 2012


Content and abstracts
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Asanbaev Y. A.
Power Flow under Periodical Nonsinusoidal Conditions


Korovkin N. V., Frolov O. V., Lisitsyn A. A., Yazenin R. A.
Method of determining the dependence of the parameters of the steady state regime power system of potential control actions


Berdin A. S., Zaharov Y. P., Kovalenko P. Y., Lagutkina M. A., Semenova L. A., Yudin A. V.
Applying modal analysis to low-frequency oscillations


Sevastyanova A. V., Smolovik S. V.
Analysis of generator’s synchronizing power change rate during searching of limit of steady-state stability whith using the procedure of system loading


Artemiev M. S., Brilinskiy A. S., Parshina N. I., Smolovik S. V.
Mathematical modeling of current-limiting device using the effect of magnetic core saturation


Y. V. Kapitula
Parameters and equivalent circuit of bipolar overhead line HVDC with metallic return


Kapitula Y. V.
Parameters and equivalent circuit of bipolar cable line HVDC with metallic return


Skazyvaeva N. S., Bogdanov E. V.
Basic approaches to testing of new and existing software for power systems transient stability analysis


Koshcheev L. A., Kutuzova N. B.
To intelligent grid with DC objects development in the central part of Northwest IPS


Novikova A. N., Shmarago O. V., Nosova A. M., Galkova L. I.
Peculiarities of impact of environment and weather conditions on lightning proof of overhead transmission lines for instance of the 330 and 500 kV power transmission lines of main power networks in the South


Ivanova E. A., Isaev E. V., Lozinova N. G., Mazurov M. I.
Line fault location methods for the AC transmission lines based on the two-end measurements


Zmaznov E. J., Lozinova N. G., Yarokh N. S.
On the issue of the need for frequency characteristic to be calculated to networks, which are sides with converter stations


Efimova E. V., Korobkov A. V., Shlayfstein V. A.
About the accounting of reliability when developing perspective schemes


Efimova E. V., Korobkov A. V., Shlaifshtein V. A.
Consideration of prospects of a construction in Russia of long-distance lines of an electricity transmission


Balyberdin L. L., Koshcheev L. A.
In Memoriam – Dmitriy Ev. Kadomskiy (to the 85th anniversary of the birth)


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