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Izvestiya NTC Edinoj energeticheskoj sistemi №70, 2014


Content and abstracts
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Frolov O. V.
Observability and tools for monitoring parameters of power system operating conditions


Alexandrov A. S., Maksimenko D. M., Neuymin V. G.
Calculation of available transmission capability with taking into account local emergency control automatics
in the monitoring stability limits system


Gerasimov A.S., Gushchina T.A., Esipovich A.H.
Experience of dynamic tests of WAMS registrars carried out on electro-dynamic simulator of JSC «STC UPS»


Gerasimov A. S., Esipovich A. K., Kabanov D. A., Sheskin E. B., Stefka J.
Operation results of system regulators monitoring system


Gaidamakin F. N., Kislovsky A. A., Teplouhov R. P., Edlin M. A.
Identifying the Source of Low frequency oscillations in United Power System of Russia


Gorelik T. G., Kabanov P. V., Kirienko O. V.
Harmonizing IEC 61850 and IEC 61970 standards for electric power system observability improvement


Gorelik T. G., Kabanov P. V., Kirienko O. V.
Approaches to increase the structural reliability of relay protection


Gaidamakin F. N., Teplouhov R. P.
Operational Monitoring of Power Plants Fuel Supply in United Power System of Russia


Esipovich A. H., Smirnov A. N.
Analysis of results of UPS of Russia operating conditions monitoring obtained from WAMS in various scheme configurations and operating modes


Kutuzova N. B.
Generating and networking equipment of UPS of Russia related data arrangement Information system


Scientific school of NIIPT – STC UPS104

Vasiliev Yu. S.
Eminent scientist and engineer Igor A. Glebov (on the 100th anniversary of his birth)


Gurevich М. К.
In memory of Leonid L. Balyberdin


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