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Izvestiya NTC Edinoj energeticheskoj sistemi №71, 2014


Content and abstracts
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Ambrosovskaya T. D., Andranovich B., Kurilkin A. I., Sorokin E. V.
Development of recommendations on mathematical modeling of the back-pressure turbine for analyses
of electromechanical transient processes


Suslova O. V.
Real time simulation of VSC back-to-back using RTDS


Kovalenko P. Y., Berdin A. S.
Identification of equivalent cicuit parameters of two adjacent power lines


Vybornykh I. G., Gurikov O. V.
An algorithm of frequency response least-squares approximation


Andranovich B., Kurilkin A. I., Lisitsyn A.A, Sorokin E. V.
Choice of control actions of the automatic limitation of equipment overload in an isolated power system


Belyaev N. A., Egorov A. E., Korovkin N. V., Chudny V. S.
An examination of methods of capacity adequacy analysis


Timkina A. V.
Determination of values of required transmission capacities of interties with example for
«Integrated power systems of Center – Integrated power systems of Northwest» intertie


Akimov D. A.
The phase-shifting transformers technology in electric grid


Andreev R. V.
Algorithm for selecting of equipment of the stand-alone electrical complex on the base of small wind turbine


Novikova A. N., Shmarago O. V.
Operating voltage effect on the lightning vulnerability of conductors of OHL with and without ground wires: calculating criteria validation


Osika L. K.
Modern technological possibilities and prospects of thermal power plants participation in the reactive power regulation market


Efimova E. V., Korobkov A. V., Shlaifshtein V. A.
Irregular fluctuations of fequency in a power system of low power


Bogdanova S. R., Vybornykh I. G., Gurikov O. V., Gushina T. A.
Test results of active and reactive power plant controller using the JSC «STC UPS» Digital-analog-physical complex


Suslova O. V.
State-of-the-art of HVDC power transmissions and development of their application in the global power industry (review of 45th CIGRE Session reports)


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